Web Camera

Robin's Nest offers all parents the ability to view their children via our camera system. We are the only facility in the area offering such technology and hope it provides peace of mind and a connection to your child while they are with us.

While this is a state of the art system, we do ask for your consideration in situations when the cameras are unavailable. Please rest assured that we do everything in our ability to bring them back online. In some of these cases, the remedy is out of our control. During outages, the most common reasons for not being able to connect are:

  • Power outages
  • The internet connection is down (on our end or yours)
  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • The software is not compatible with your computer (in this situation upgrades may be needed to view cameras)

To view the camera system you must have the following:

  1. PC Computer
  2. Broadband internet connection (Dial up or modem connections will not work)
  3. Internet Explorer Brower
  4. Username (this was provided to you by Robin or RNLC Administrative Member)
  5. Password/Pin# (this was provided to you by Robin or RNLC Administrative Member)


Click the link below to view the web camera system. When using this system for the first time, Internet Explorer will request permission to download, run or allow scripts in order for this system to connect to your computer. Please "allow" or "Run". You will then be prompted for your credentials in order to connect.

View Robins Nest Learning Center Camera System

For RNLC Parents Only


NOTE: If you are having trouble viewing the camera system, try clicking "Compatibility Mode" found within the address bar at the top of your browser. It may also be neccessary to adjust Internet Explorer "Security Settings" to the level called "Intranet" if popups are blocked.

TIMEOUT: For privacy as well as to presever bandwidth, your connection may timeout after 10 minutes requiring you to log in again.

Robin's Nest is the only daycare in the area to give parents the ability to watch their children online for added peace of mind and a connection to their child while with us.

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