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Pre-K Advanced

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See Me a Song
Wild Things

Curriculum changes based on the skills of the children and how quickly they learn the basic concepts. Writing skills now include the child's attempt to write words and how they sound. We work on the 101 sight words learned in Kindergarten and we encourage children to formulate story ideas as we do group activities that requires some prediction and conclusion in a story format. Letter recognition is learned in this classroom both upper case and lower case. Numbers 1-50 are counted and recognized. The days of the week/month and weather concepts. Predictions, recall, sequencing, prepositions, dictated art, self expression is a focal part in our language and reading at this age. Basic sentence structure is mirrored and children learn to write between lines as they have master writing letters with dots... now writing without dots! Cutting skills are advancing, fine motor skills are acquired as more intricate shapes and patterns are cut and maneuvered with scissors.

Pre-K Advanced Class Photo
Pre-K Advanced - Playing in tub of corn
Pre-K Advanced - measuring
Pre-K Advanced - light table
Pre-K Advanced - Thanksgiving
Pre-K Advanced - painting pine cones
Pre-K Advanced - Easter Bunny
Pre-K Advanced - Kids and red solo cups
Pre-K Advanced - Kids in USA car
Pre-K Advanced - Kid president
Pre-K Advanced - Kids skating
Pre-K Advanced - Kids with beaver
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