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Robin’s Nest School Age
Summer Camp Reservation Form

Robin’s Nest summer camp theme Healthy YOU. The school age kids will be learning about what it means to be healthy in a toxic world we live in. Starting with healthy food, what organic means, why exercise is important & hygiene!

WE ARE LOOKING FOR PARENT GUEST SPEAKERS!!! Are you a doctor, dentist, physical therapist, personal trainer, chef, farmer? WE NEED YOU!!

We will be doing many optional field trips. There will be a calendar sent home in advance with all the activities, the costs and what is required for that trip. These are optional: we do many fun things at the school for children who do not go on these excursions. You will circle what activities you would like your child to do, send the calendar back with payment for those trips attached to the calendar. The first calendar will come out the first week of May for June’s activities.

1. All field trips must be pre-paid for on a separate check. Look at calendar for sign up and due dates. After the due date you can add on for an additional fee and will be based on availability only. Some trips are pre-pay and adding on will not be available.** June’s will be due by May 20 ** July will be due by June 20 ** Tye Dye pre-order 5/15

2. Parent’s must sign their calendar & provide payment to have their child added to the activity.

3. There are no refunds on field trips unless we cancel the field trip.

4. Please refer to Robin’s Nest Learning center’s face book page for charges and reminders.

5. Robin’s Nest reserves the right to cancel a field trip due to weather, unsafe road conditions or if we feel the welfare of the children is better served to stay at the center. There will be a computer notice of any such changes as soon as we know the changes ourselves.

6. Robin’s Nest reserves the right to remove a child from a field trip if the child’s actions pose a danger to themselves or the other children. An example would be: Wandering away from the group or hiding, unbuckling safety belt or unsafe actions on van, or acceptable outburst of behavior that cannot be controlled.

7. Robin’s Nest does the best they can to leave and be back based on times given for the field trip. Sometimes it takes us longer to ensure the safety of the children, gathering belongings, etc... please be patient. The staff in charge on the field trip will call the center when they are on their way back.

8. If you are running late and your child is signed up for the field trip, we cannot keep the group waiting. We will leave directions for you to drop off at the activity location. Please help us out, if we are late leaving, we will be late getting back or we will lose our reservation completely.

9. Please be sure your child has sunscreen on before coming to the center. We will reapply as needed.

10. Please be sure your child has safe footwear. Robin’s Nest cannot take kids on field trips who are wearing flip flops or not having other required clothing noted on calendar.

11. Please provide your child with a disposable water bottle for all field trips.

12. I will be sure to have liability releases filled out in advance to be sure my child can go on field trips like extreme sports & horseback riding. I understand that if I do not provide the waiver, my child will not be able to go.

13. If you sign up for a swim trip, your child must be able to swim or provide a life jacket.

14. Please be sure your child has a towel that is labeled if your child is signed up for water trips.

15. Please be sure to well label all personal items when they are brought into the daycare. Robin’s Nest is not responsible for any lost game systems, money, towels, or any other personal item.

16. Please do not send your child with “spending money”. We had problems with money getting lost last year and the parents felt Robin’s Nest should be responsible.

I give Robin’s Nest permission to take my child on community service projects that are noted on the calendar and posted. There will be 2 per week.

I give Robin’s Nest permission to allow my child to view assorted National geographic materials associated with the lesson themes we are learning daily. Approximately 20-30 minutes a day.

I agree to pay for the 50.00 non-refundable deposit for my child’s place in the summer program. After March 31, the deposit rate is 75.00. The fee will be used to purchase cooking ingredients, science items and end of summer party. This deposit will hold your child’s spot and is non- refundable.

I agree to pay $10.00 for the tye-dye party which includes a tye-dye shirt for each child! Summer camp start date is from 6/5/23 to 8/11/23. The weekly rate is 165.00 for contract received before 3/31/23: After March 31, the rate is 175.00 with a 75.00 registration fee.

There is a 1.00 per week ice cream truck fee that is added to account weekly for all children who attend on Fridays when the ice cream truck comes and is non-refundable.

Robin’s Nest also offers a daily rate of 40.00 per day with a contract.

Drop in rate is 50.00 per day for all schedules that are changed after summer camp starts.

* Yes, I agree to all of the above noted provisions for the activities that my child will be participating in this summer at Robin’s Nest. All paperwork needs to be turned in a week BEFORE summer camp starts or we will assume you will not be attending for the summer and will forfeit deposit.

Yes, I would like to receive emails concerning monthly calendars, invoices & other pertinent center information.


A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your child’s place in the summer program. After March 31, the deposit rate is $75.00. Note: Your child/children's place will not be saved unless a deposit is received.

Your non-refundable registration fee amount is:
This amount is the combined total based on number of children you are enrolling.