Child/Children Info.

Contract Handbook Agreement

Please read and agree to our contract agreement below.

Policy Agreement

Please read and agree to our agreement below.

Section 1: Rates Sheet

Full Time is anything over 4 hours per day at Robin’s Nest
All payments are due by Monday at closing using ACH Tuition Express. Any payments made outside this program with have a $3.00 per week service fee added to your tuition.
Monthly room fee of $5.00 per child is assessed for supplies, crafts, gifts, cooking, treasure box, pictures etc…
Summer Camp School Age Contract Reservation fee due by 3/31 $50
Transportation fees $2.00 per day

Infants & Toddler:
Contracted daily rate 3 or more days $60
1-2 day rate $65 Contracted weekly rate $285
Drop in $75 per day (No contract)
Discount for Toddler full week rate $265.00

2-year-old unpotty trained classroom:
Contracted daily rate 3 or more days is $50
1-2 day rate $60.00
Contracted weekly $230
Drop-in rate $70.00 (No contract)
Fully potty trained( Can pull up and down pants) $210.00

Pre-K & Pre-school class ( 1-10) Fully Potty Trained
Contracted daily rate 3 or more days $50.00
1–2-day rate is $60.00
Contracted weekly $190
Drop-in rate $65.00 (No Contract)

School Age B/A & full day program
Before or After: $17 per day
Daily rate $20.00 B/A or $100 for M-F
$25.00 B/A (drop in )
Full day no reservation/Drop in $50.00 (we must be able to plan)
Contracted daily rate $40.00
Weekly contracted $175 (w/ contract)

Section 2: SICK POLICY

Robin’s Nest understands that children will have stuffy noses & coughs. Some children have allergies and constantly have runny noses. We do ask that if you child has had any of the following symptoms, please keep your child home. This is the best way to keep the staff healthy to care for your child & keep other children from getting sick. If your child comes to daycare & we call you to pick up your child, you have 1 hour to make arrangements. After 1 hour, the sick child fee is 9.00 per hour. Please help us keep sickness down at Robin’s Nest. Please do not bring your child to the center with any of these symptoms or illnesses listed here:

  • Fever of 101 or more *
  • Ring Worm
  • Head Lice
  • Impetigo
  • Chicken Pox
  • Pink Eye
  • Strep Throat
  • Discharge from eyes
  • Severe cough: sound croupy or whooping.
  • Difficulty in breathing:
  • Bacterial Meningitis
  • Sore throat/trouble with swallowing.
  • Spots/rashes on body.
  • Vomiting*** this is a big one. If your child was throwing up the night before: Please do not bring your child!
  • Severe head aches.

Here is a good rule of thumb: If your child needs Tylenol or cold medication, they should probably be at home with you. We cannot give your child medications without a signed medical form from your physician. **If your child needs a prescription, ask your pharmacist to spilt the medication into two labeled bottles. One for home & one for daycare. This will help in leaving medications at school & your child not getting the medications as prescribed by your doctor.

Please be sure to sign in your child’s medication daily to be given at school. We cannot give medication if it has not been signed in by you and permission to be given by both you and your doctor. Please see Emergency Medical Release Form.


Robin’s Nest is very full and we take great pride in offering part-time and drop-in care, with this in mind, please note the following:

• A written two-week notice is required to end care or change your schedule. This includes parent who use Childcare assistance programs (CCR)

• The written notice needs to be placed via-email for date purposes.

• All book keeping is done Monday to Monday. If you give notice or submit a vacation request on a Wednesday, the 2-week window will start the Monday after email is dated.

• Please place all important paperwork in the tuition box. Important paperwork is: contract changes, medical forms, children’s paperwork, Childcare assistance paperwork & food program paperwork. Please do not leave on our desks.

• If you have a drop in contract - any day reserved will be billed. If you decide not to use the day a two-week notice is required to cancel the request.

• If you have a school aged child, there is a full day reservation sheet posted for any day out of school. You will be required to sign up if services are needed for that in-service day. If you do not sign up in advance, you will be billed at the drop in rate. If you sign up you will be billed for that day even if your child ends up not coming for the day.

• If you have a part time schedule contract you cannot swap out days without a written two-week notice of the schedule change and will be based on availability only.


Most of our primary learning objects start at 9:00 a.m. We ask that you have your child at school in time for circle time and these valuable learning opportunities.

Our screenings and assessments happen between 9-11 a.m. and it is important that your child attends as much as possible to learn & master these skills in a routine and structured way. Repetition strengthens the newly learned skills and routine helps keep children feel safe and confident in their classroom with their teachers and peers. Robin’s Nest wants your child to come to school and love learning.

Robin’s Nest has a drop off policy that limits drop off times at 11:00 a.m. After 11:00 a.m. the children are settling down with lunch and a nap. A dark napping room is not inviting to a child coming in and leaving mom & dad.

Please understand this policy is to keep children happy and confident in our program. We do not want children coming in crying at nap time when there are sleeping children who really need that rest. (This policy originated from a parent concern.)

If you need to drop off after 11:00a.m. and there is a way we can work it out without being disruptive to the whole group, we will be happy to work with you.

This exception to our policy will require advance notice so we can properly plan. If you miss the 11:00a.m. drop off time, you are welcome to drop off at 2:00p.m. after quiet time has ended!


The following precautions have been put in place to keep everyone safe & healthy in our program:
1. If you are NOT feeling well or are being tested for COVID because of a close contact: do NOT come into our school. Call us and we will bring your child to you. Your child/children will need to stay home with you until your results come back.
2. A close contact or positive case of COVID will require a written health department release to come back to RN.
3. If RN is mandated to close down the school or a classroom by the health department, no payment is required during the closure. After health department releases our classroom to reopen fees will resume.
4. In the event you are quarantined, you may use your vacation time by sending an email. 1 week of vacation credit will be given if available.
5. Please come into our school wearing a mask and provide a mask for all children 3 & older.
6. Please do NOT go into our classrooms for any reason.
7. Please use and sanitizer when signing in & out.
8. We will be doing temperature checks at drop off: Please do not leave until that temperature has been confirmed. Anything over 100.4 is not permissible.
9. If your child has been showing 2 or more signs of COVID a doctor's note will be required for your child to return school.
10. In the event there is a school closure: we may reopen with limited parental access to the front of the school. Please plan drop off/ pick up time accordingly.
11. Robin's Nest reserves the right to terminate our contract if a parent willingly violates this COVID policy and endangers the wellbeing of our families and our team. (example: not telling the school about being tested for COVID or being a close contact and not quarantining as required by the health department)

Long Term Closures:
To maintain your spot in the event there is any governmental shut down due to COVID or any other virus, pandemic, environmental/natural disaster event is half rate of tuition paid. during this closure. If you do not want to pay the fees to hold the spot, a 2-week notice is required and any deposit on file will be applied to one of those weeks.


1. $50 Enrollment Fee
2. Non-refundable Deposit of 1 week’s tuition. This can be divided over 5 weeks. (note: It will be your last week of tuition with a 2-week notice.)
3. Submit Online Contract & Policy Agreement
4. Child Information Packet

  • Pick Up Authorization Form
  • Emergency Medical Release Form
  • Classroom Information Sheet
  • Feeding Agreement & Infant Schedule
  • Potty Training Agreement
  • Contract Agreement: (Fill in time & days)
  • State Medical Form (Physical Form)
  • CCAP, State Child Care Application (w/ pay stubs & school schedule)
  • Request for Redetermination Information
  • Tuition Express (Optional)

5. Certified Birth Certificate
6. Copy of Shot Records
7. Enrollment Record
8. DCFS Verification Form
9. Parent Consent Form (DCFS)
8. Tuition Express
9. A change of clothing & other items as listed below:

Diapers (labeled with child’s name)
Wipes (labeled with child’s name)
Bottles 3-4 (optional) (labeled with child’s name)
Breast Milk or Formula (optional)
Car seat labeled with child’s name
Change of clothing labeled in a ziplock bag
Comfort item (ex. pacifier)

Potty Training
4-5 Changes of clothes labeled in a ziplock bag

Older Children
Change of clothing labeled in a ziplock bag
Food (optional)

Family Questions, Comments & Additions

Please read and agree to our agreement below.