Bird2-Year Olds: 2 to 4 year olds
"The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister

This is a wonderful book focused on the most important thing we need to learn in the 2-Year old class! Sharing!

This class is designed for ages 2-4 and is based on skill. We learn to share, take turns, go potty, use manners like Please & Thank you! Robin's Nest introduces the pre-school basics in this class. The curriculum focus is color, shapes, cutting skills, writing name with dots, knows the letters in name, can count to 10, can sing the alphabet song, coloring, painting, water tables, following 3 step directions, circle time activities, songs, finger plays & themed science/holiday activities.

Being led by staff member, children hold hands
A wonderfull day for a walk
In our Rainbow Fish Room we start teaching school structure as seen here in line formation with a walking rope. The kids think it is fun to grab their favorite color and walk in a line; meanwhile they are learning the beginning of line formation and taking turns!
Playing with Plastic Keys
Teacher Playing with 2 Year Olds
Rainbow Fish room
Just like the book, our Pre School room is themed around fish and ties into a cirriculum of learning colors, shapes and working with hands.
Rainbow Fish room
Ma Brittany Holding Baby
Playing with Floam
Halloween Fun as Tiger
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